" The Kiss"

Emil T. Boise, Idaho

Thanks Taylor Ham Man, I'm from New Jersey out here in Idaho.  I miss so many foods I grew up with but Taylors Pork Roll is the one I have to have several times a year.  In the 50s my family rented a summer time apartment on the boardwalk and it was on top of a Taylors Pork Roll store where they cooked it the place reeked of it I was hooked.  For years I was a long haul Truck driver and would pick up enough to get me by, now I only drive local.   Thanks for your service and thanks for the quick shipping.   I had 3 slices with my eggs this morning and I was in heaven for awhile.     

B. M. St. Louis area, Columbia, IL

The box arrived this morning! I can't wait to fry up some pork roll and eat it on my Martin's potato rolls my sister sent me!  Thank you!

R.C & K.C., Raleigh-Durham, NC

I never got a chance to thank you for the order but everything arrived in one piece and better than advertised. The ham was delicious and we still have some remaining in the freezer. Thank you for doing us a favor and refunding the extra money.

You were a life-saver because now my wife (pregnant and dying to find some Taylor ham) can make breakfast sandwiches and I don't have to feel guilty because she can't have any, haha!  Thanks again!



My husband, a soldier in the US ARMY stationed here at Fort Lewis, was actually the one that introduced me to the Taylor Ham years ago.  He grew up on it and I fell in love with the product, and with him of course too!  Many happy breakfast memories were started with the sizzling sound of Taylor Ham on the stove top.  

Finding your web site was a lucky event for us today and I must say it did bring tears of happy joy to our eyes.  When we lived in upstate NY, in our early years of marriage, we depended upon our relatives on the Jersey border to supply our jonesing for Taylor Ham.  Now that we are stationed on the West coast we had lost heart that Taylor Ham would never touch our tongues again until we were again stationed on the East Coast.  We are happily awaiting the arrival of this particular package and are already planning the grocery run for cheese, eggs and hard rolls to accompany this deli delight.

Many Thanks! 

 **  The Taylor Ham Man is happy to offer our MILITARY DISCOUNT.

LLO - Rockville, MD
My Mom and Dad grew up in NJ and had 5 kids there.  We moved when I was in 4th grade but always felt the strong family and gastric ties to the area.  Recently, my Dad turned 80 and I wanted to send him something special at his current home in Wisconsin since I couldn't be there myself.  I offered Lobsters, steaks, crabs, craw-daddies, ANYTHING that he wanted to make his day more special.  He asked for Taylor’s Ham as the ONE thing he missed the most.  The Sabrett hot dogs were a definite bonus surprise.  Thank you for allowing me to send a 'care Package’ from his youth to my Dad.  It really made him very happy.  He even told the mailman "In this box, I have Taylors Ham, it's a Joisy Thing".  Now I may have to send care packages to my brothers and sisters because they are all starting to have cravings too.
C.P. - Helena, MT
The item was appropriately packaged for a perishable food item with cold pack and was delivered promptly - package intact. The food product was delicious - just like we used to get in Jersey. 
D.B. - Round Rock, TX
Item was shipped same day and arrived fast and still cold.  Very pleased & glad to know I can still get pork roll in Texas!


F.S. - Indianapolis, IN

The people who received it were very happy.


T.H. - Haleiwa, Hawaii

Buy It!


W.W. - Riverside, CA

I am from New Jersey and miss Taylor Ham very much!


D.M. - Omaha, NE

This seller is great!  Everything arrived perfectly, on time and under refrigeration.  Items were just as described – they even signed the packing slip in blue ink so you know they checked it.
T.M - Jeffersonville, IN 
Great Product.  Fast Shipment.
J.A.M. - Lakewood, WA
I am looking forward to a taste of Old New Jersey this weekend.
Thank you.  
H.C. - Denver, CO
I am originally from NJ and now live in CO.  I have a friend, who is also originally from NJ, who is currently living in London for work.  He is coming to visit and I want to surprise him with some Jersey flavor!  
gnt - Dayton, ME
"The pork roll arrived in time for our BIG family Christmas celebration.   It was wonderful.  I had lots of people wondering what was this delicious creation I was "cooking up".  It was, of course, the Taylor Pork Roll.  We went through more than three pounds!  I had requests for more but I decided to keep the other 3 pound package for the New Year. Thank you for delivering on time, as you promised!  The snow fell outside in the cold Maine woods and the meal was perfect, thanks to the Taylor Ham Man".
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